2017 June-July - Flying Mars, The space of red, NCCA museum, Moscow, Russia
2017 June - The dance of desease; Dance of infinitymultimedia projectionKleiner Onkel, Kassel, Germany
2017 June - The dance of pure soul; Dance of infinity, Super TOKONOMA gallery, Kassel, Germany
2017 May - Dance of infinity, hologram exhibition, 33 space, Shenzen, China
2017 May - Project. OA ∞ Orbital Aritual | 連結宇宙的儀軌, 33 spaceShenzen, China
2017 Apr - Project. OA ∞ Orbital Aritual | 連結宇宙的儀軌, videotape, Hong Kong
2017 Mar - sound exhibition-ヒカリノオト hikari no oto, Commune 2nd, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Feb - Project. OA ∞ Orbital Aritual | 連結宇宙的儀軌, Bergen Kjøtt, Norway
2017 Feb - Dance of infinity
, holographic display, Bergen Kjøtt, Norway

2016 Nov - Heads on the cloud, artist talk, Das Kapital, Berlin.
2016 June - 
Women IN/ON Sound, sound exhibition, Goldsmith University, London, UK
2016 May - Dance of infinity, artist talk, ISEA2016., Hong Kong
2016 April - Line of Beauty - exploring sexuality, gender and identity, Winter Pride Awards selected exhibitor of 2016, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK

2015 Nov - Here, There, and Everywhere: Eurasian Cities, Asia Culture Center, ACC Creation, in Gwangju, South Korea
2015 Oct - Venezia Misteriosa, exhibition, Venice Art House, Venice, Italy
2015 Feb - "Dirty filthy wonderland", exhibition, Masada, Milan, Italy

2014 Nov - "Red world sound", installation exhibition, Tao Hong Tai gallery, Thailand
2014 Feb to Mar - Post Winter Pride UK: The Next Level at Office Sessions, London, UK
2014 Feb - "Magic fridge" and "Flying boat", installations, Winter Pride, London, UK
2014 Feb - "Magic potions", performance, Winter Pride, London, UK

2013 Jun to Aug - 3 months of artist residency, Überraschung, Berlin, Germany
2013 Jan - "Red walls", Solo painting exhibition, Gallery Hackney pictureHouse, London, UK
2013 Jan - "Magic potions", performance, Vibe gallery, London, UK

2012 Sep - "You Are My God", performance, Freshers week festival, UAL, London, UK
2012 Aug - "Rock 'n' roll zoo",  exhibition, Transition Collective, London, UK
2012 Apr - "Rabbit hall", Group exhibition, Camdon Arts Centre, London, UK
2012 Feb - "Blind Game", performance, Venice Carnival, Venice, Italy
2012 Jan - "Brunne 70",  one-day video installation, Berlin, Germany

2011 Dec - "Kill the RED", performance, Kunset art show, Berlin, Germany
2011 Dec - "You are my god", performance, London, UK
2011 Oct - "Kill the RED", performance, London, UK
2011 Oct - "Can I See You without My Eyes?", performance, La maision de fay, St paul's church, London, UK
2011 Aug -  Live painting performance, Cupsoup exhibition, London, UK
2011 Jul - Live painting performance, Hackney Wicked Festival, London, UK

2008 Mar - "Can I See You without My Eyes?", solo show, Design Festival, Tokyo, Japan

2007 Jul - Group painting exhibition, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2006 Mar - "Can I See You without My Eyes?", solo show,  sponsored by Hongik University Street Art Festival, Seoul, Korea.


2016 April - Finalist of Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards

2015 Oct - Winner of VENEZIA MISTERIOSA, Video art section